Hello friends!

Thanks so much for stopping by! We are a locally & family owned business in the Austin, TX area that specializes in graphic tees, themed subscription gift boxes, accessories & more! Our main focus is a witchy/hippie/rocker mom lifestyle kinda vibe, but we do have a wide variety of styles that everyone is sure to fall in love with! If you stick around long enough, I just know we have something perfect for you! ✌🏼

Most of the items in our shop are made to order. We also have new arrivals dropping weekly every Friday at 6pm cst and these items do not stick around for long. If you see something you love, you better be quick!

A couple tips when you’re shopping...

All Sublimation printed shirts with color designs will come bleached with our generic bleach pattern like the above Monthly Tee design. You can always choose a different pattern from our Add On section to customize your tee too! 

All Screen Print shirts are not bleached and will come on a solid colored shirt unless noted with an Add On option. 

Please note at checkout if multiple options are chosen & color choices. If no color is left in the note box, we will do a dealer’s choice and send you a mystery color. 

Please contact us with any questions. Happy shopping friends! 😀

Need something custom!?

We love doing custom orders! Contact us today to see what fun stuff that we can make together. We only have a few slots available each month so be sure to contact us with enough notice before your event.

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