Manifestation Candle Preorder


🕯🕯 Manifestation Candle Preorder 🕯🕯

These amazing candles would make a great gift for the holidays! Made with soy wax so they’re eco friendly and clean burning! Plus each come with crystals that you can add to your collection when it’s gone. 🙌🏼

Each candle is 10 oz with a wood wick and comes in a recycled glass jar.

3️⃣+ for 💲3️⃣0️⃣ea

💰 Sugar Momma: Sweet Apple scent with a 13 prosperity herb blend, gold leaf, citrine & tigers eye

💖 Let My Love Open The Door: light pink pearl, sweet beach rose with rose, rose quartz, rhodonite, & garnet

🌱 Clear & Focused: (a special headache & migraine fighting blend- requested by me! 😱 my vendor & I have actually been working on this one for a few weeks now) Garden mint scent with mint, lemongrass, & wild sage with Fluorite and lapis

💫 (LIMITED EDITION) Holiday Hustle: Motivation blend!!!! Cashmere and plum scented with raspberry leaf, chamomile, Labradorite, amazonite & a larger piece of vanadinite.

🌙 (LIMITED Hunter Moon Edition) Only The Moon Knows: a burgundy candle scented with a fire side & spice scent with carnelian & harvest herbs. Made under the hunter moon!

⚠️ Quick window, closes Sunday 10/24 @ 6pm ⚠️

📦 10-14 biz days to me, then immediately out to you. I anticipate shipping the week of Thanksgiving at the latest. 📦

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