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Mystery Tee FB Sale


💲1️⃣6️⃣ Mystery Tee Sale

These will be done similarly to the zip code sale from awhile back. You let me know your likes, dislikes, preferred colors, theme ideas you love, anything that I need to know about you so that I can pick the perfect tee! Then I pick the design & color + fun goodies.

A couple things will be different..

- These will NOT come bleached, if you want bleach/distressing/dying they are an add on

- These are only screen print transfer designs and most are single colors (these sit on top of the fabric with a similar feel to vinyl)

Themes of some of the screens I have are:
- Sports (baseball, softball, football)
- Sweary
- Mom life
- Witchy
- Coffee life
- Sarcastic
- Outdoors
- Food
- Skulls
- Faith
- Good vibes
- Motivation

5️⃣ for 🚢 + 3️⃣ for each additional tee

To claim:
✨ Email for invoicing
✨ Size
✨ Likes/Themes/anything I need to know
✨ Dislikes
✨ Any add Ons (bleach, distress cutting, dying, etc can be found here:
✨ Preferred Color options or colors you hate

Regular site items can be added to the invoice but are NOT discounted, just let me know if there’s something you want to add.

Also, if I don’t have your size I will let you know that I will need to order it and yours may not be able to ship until I get to CO.

This will close 6/2.

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